Whether you just opened up your business, or have been at it for years now — you are likely reading this because you are on the market for a website, new webmaster, or to see if you can find any affordable services for your internet marketing needs!

Let me introduce myself — I’m Tracy Schmidt, owner of SOL Design, Inc., a Denver, Colorado based agency, specializing in a wide range of Design & Communications services. I own several other small businesses and have been working with local and international businesses, non-profits, individuals and Fourtune 500s, for over 20 years. I went into full-time self-employment in 2004, because I developed a passion to provide the industry with innovative solutions. Click here to view client list.

I can only imagine that you are busy doing what you do best — running your business! I commiserate with business owners, as they embark the internet and mobile media industries. They have both advanced so quickly that it continues to be virtually impossible to stay current on how to make a dent or give a business a competitive edge on the internet. I’ve been working with website design and internet marketing since 1997. I’ve found that though things change virtually weekly online — that there’s still some foundational principles and functions that have and will likely always remain the same that can be implemented.

I’ve developed some fundamental website and marketing solutions for businesses (especially small businesses)–to establish a presence online, and utilize some economical and effective online advertising and marketing tools. Sure, websites work great, and you can have either a basic online brochure to represent your company, or you can have advanced interactive elements like custom logins, shopping carts, or downloadable forms to enhance the functionality of your website or increase traffic to your site. However, I feel very comfortable saying that not all businesses HAVE to have a website, and can instead, have prolific online business directories, social network profiles, effective email marketing campaigns — for example.

Let me give you a couple of examples… a Gas Station needs to be found online, but really doesn’t need an elaborate website–we know what the gas station has to offer–even if it also offers oil changes–that information can be included in a directory listing–it doesn’t necessarily need an entire website. And, I’m NOT going to think less of this gas station for not having a website–I just need to know where it is located, how to get there, and/or hours of operation. On the other hand, I’ve been surprised to find that a lot of doctor’s offices still don’t have websites. Certain industries (like medical, law, mental health) need websites to best represent their business — including staff pages with pictures, background and licensing of their doctors, a comprehensive list and descriptions of their services and insurance providers, even offer thorough patient care and post-procedure instructions on their website. And, posting patient care files on a website can significantly reduce the time that’s spent with each patient, in the office, going over information which can be readily available on the website, instead.

My industry (web development and marketing) is wrought with sales people and large companies that get really good at trying to sell you something that they don’t even personally know anything about. I spend most of my time (strictly on a referral basis) working with new clients to un-do significant damage from which they’ve become a victim — from webmasters disappearing into thin air, to internet marketing sales people who passed them onto some automated service that isn’t working at all, and costing them thousands of dollars per month — to clients who can’t even access their own website to make simple changes — only to find that their previous webmaster purchased everything under their name, and not the client’s.

It is my expressed objective to provide clients with information, insight, tools and to provide effective services for their specific needs. I also promote as much autonomy and independence as they do or do not want, to minimize their “overhead” (locked-in, ongoing expenses). I have NO desire to lock anyone into working with me OR services that I recommend that they can’t EASILY terminate or stop/change at any time, or be able to manage themselves!

Below is a list of modified services that I can offer businesses to get started. Upon request, I can also provide upgraded advanced services at any time!

Kindest Regards,
Tracy Schmidt, Owner

Domain Names & Hosting

Where your domain name was purchased and where your website is hosted are very important in your site’s ability to be accessible to search engines. Ten years ago, I established SOLhosting.us to offer premium business hosting services and primary-level domain name registration, that allow me to set up or transfer hosting and domain name services on client’s behalf. Email accounts are also included at no additional charge.

 1-Year Domain Name (transfer or new, requires annual renewal) .com, .net, .info  $20/yr.
 1-Year Website Hosting (annual renewal prepay 12 months with discount)  $199/yr. or $19.99/mo.
 Transferring domain name/s and/or hosting on behalf of client ($225 value)  $0

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Website Design

The most popular website “design” services to date are the installation of a content management software (CMS) which after installation, set up and basic customization, allows the customer to edit content on their website, or request ongoing website maintenance services. This platform is the most search engine friendly — than custom HTML website design. Client must provide all content and images, logo and text for the website.

 CMS installation and basic set up starts at $750
 – CMS Software Installation, up to 5 pages (Home, About, Services, Page 4, Contact)
 Upgrade CMS & Advanced Customizations  $1,225 – $4,750
 Add’l pages / additional customization / client requests / content development  $75/hr.

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Online Business Directories

Lots of businesses can effectively survive withOUT a website, instead, by saturating the internet with business directory listings so that people can find their location to come in. This manual service provides up to 30 online business profiles. Once set up, these profiles are fairly independent and don’t require much maintenance — they may acquire user comments and testimonials which might need quarterly review and maintenance.

Online Business Directories Set Up (Up to 30)  $450
Quarterly Maintenance (maintain updates, review testimonials/comments)  $225
 Additional Directories or management requests  $75/hr.
Social Networks & Online Profiles

Have your social networks set up properly for your business! Depending on website platform, your social networks may also integrate with your website. Posting one item per week to each of your social networks is advised, but monthly services may also suffice for your business.

 Social Networks & Online Profiles  $450
 Weekly or Monthly Posts to Networks, adding “friends”  $75/hr. or $225/Q
eMail Marketing Design & Delivery

One of the BEST ways to get new business — is from your current and previous business! Through SOLenews.us, I design a custom template for your business, and set up the first eNewsletter. You then have access to send out future email marketing by yourself, or with our assistance.

 eNewsletter Template Design  $225
 eNewsletter Content Development  $75/hr.
 eMail Distribution Services (through 3rd party, SOLenews.us)  $5/blast + .05¢ per email address

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Internet Marketing

I offer dozens of internet marketing services, from SEO (search engine optimization), keyword content development throughout your website, website traffic analysis (or set up if you don’t have it), online reputation management and/or development — feel free to inquire about what service/s may work best for your business, and inquire about average costs.

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Other Services

SOL Design is a one-stop shop. In addition to specializing in website design and internet marketing, other services are available, including Graphic Design: Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Postcard & Direct Mail Design, Newsletter & Flyer Design, Brochure Design, Print Ad Design, Publication Design


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