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SOL Design, Inc., established in 1994, committed to meet the high demand for graphic design and internet support services sought by local businesses. SOL Design has since grown substantially in its range of services, and works with many companies across the United States, of various sizes as well as across many industry types. Owned & Operated by Tracy Schmidt.

OUR ability to facilitate change, work in a highly-productive manner, and communicate goals has consistently
contributed to the success of the businesses with
whom we work.

In working with you and your business, SOL Design will bring our professional performance record, integrity and creative
abilities to make a significant contribution to your growth
and development.

Client List

SOL Design is owned and operated in Denver, Colorado, working closely with other industry professionals to maximize the effectiveness of our services in providing clients with top-notch creative design and business solutions.

Consistent feedback from clients indicates that we are predictably reliable, resourceful and creative. We look
forward to helping you stand out and to position your
business on the internet!


Affordable Solutions

Whether you just opened up your business, or have been at it for years now — you are likely reading this because you are on the market for a website, new webmaster, or to see if you can find any affordable services for your marketing needs!

Let me introduce myself — I’m Tracy Schmidt, owner of SOL Design, Inc., a Website & Graphic Design, Marketing & Consulting agency. Based in Denver, Colorado, and having worked in the industry for over 25 years—I am experienced in a wide range of: design, communications, marketing and business operations. I own several small businesses and have been working with local and international companies, non-profits, individuals and Fortune 500s. I went into full-time self-employment in 2004, because I developed a passion to provide the industry with innovative solutions.


How May I Be of Service to You?

I can only imagine that you are busy doing what you do best — running your business! I commiserate with business owners, as they embark into the internet and mobile media to promote their business services and products. The internet and business marketing practices have both advanced so quickly that it continues to be virtually impossible to stay current on how to make a dent or give a business a competitive edge. I’ve found that though things are constantly changing—that there’s still some foundational principles and functions that have, and will likely always, remain the same that can be easily implemented and maintained.

How is SOL Different?

I’ve developed some fundamental website and marketing solutions for businesses (especially small businesses)—to establish an online presence, and utilize some economical and effective advertising and marketing tools.

In addition to first making sure that your website is set up properly, I’m confident that I can quickly get your business set up on important social networks, and business directories. I can train you how to easily maintain your online presence, or, you can opt for weekly/monthly/quarterly maintenance services — that works with your budget — and, will NOT break your bank!


Let’s Do Things the Right Way, Together!

The web industry is wrought with sales people and large companies that get really good at trying to sell you something that they don’t even personally know anything about. I’m proud to tell you that 100% of my business comes from REFERRALS (I do NOT advertise).

The majority of my new clients have come to me with critical issues or concerns about their website, online reputation, and/or with their webmaster. I spend most of my time working with them to un-do significant damage from which they’ve become a victim—whether from their webmaster simply disappearing into thin air; or to some internet marketing sales person who passed them onto some costly “marketing” service that isn’t working at all; to their accounts being locked up because they weren’t given access and/or set up properly.

It is my expressed objective to provide clients with information, insight, tools and to provide effective services for their specific needs. I also promote as much autonomy and independence onto my clients—as they do or do not want—to minimize their “overhead” (locked-in, ongoing expenses). I have NO desire to lock anyone into working with me OR any other services, for that matter, that they can’t EASY to terminate, stop, change, suspend at any time, or simply to be able to manage themselves without being at someone else’s mercy!

Below is a quick list of startup services and rates, as these are the most common and frequently asked about.

Kindest Regards,
Tracy Schmidt, Owner


Please—let me know how I may be of service!

Sample Start-Up Packages & Rates

New Business / Startup Identity (Logo Design, Business Card Design, eSignature) = $500 (save $250)

New Website (Website Setup & Basic Template Customization, entry-level SEO package, basic keyword optimization, complimentary account setup for web hosting, domain name and one email account) = $1,750 (save $750)

Entry-Level Social Networking & Profiles Setup = $450 (save $300)

Entry-Level Business Directory Listings Setup = $750 (save $250)

Desktop Support, Training & Consulting = $75 per hour

For a complete list of services and descriptions, click below, or click here to request a custom bid

Complimentary Analysis

Contact us: 303.SUNSHINE ~ (303)786-7446 ~ info@SOLdesign.us

We can provide an analysis of your website, marketing and design needs, and provide you with a custom bid proposal! If we’re not a right fit, we’ll be the first to let you know and will gladly refer you to a specialist.